Thursday, 20 January 2011

Haunting history

Is it me or is the current stance on disabled people and the care of, or payments to, starting to have echoes of recent historical issues. It is going to sound really PARANOID but I ask that people just think a little and see where this COULD lead.
In the thirties a man came to power in a European country and won over the people with what they wanted to hear. Once they were on board he began to 'change' policies and thinking, which would eventually lead to war and the attempted extermination of a race and religion and those who were of no use to the country or system. Now I'm not saying we are going to war or are anywhere near that situation BUT the words and retoric that are emerging from Government about money saving, use to the country, paying your way, re the disabled are stiring a fear in me.
The reality and difficulty of being disabled and trying to live, work or in some case's survive, in a world driven by prosperity, greed and social standing is being 'fogged' by politics. If some Doctor, with a set of directives, decides your fit to work (because he says so) and you have a disability that will deter employers from employing you, how are you to survive when the Government withdraws benefits as they are threatening ?? I know all about Equal Opps, but the reality is far different from that work of fiction. (there are so many 'get out' clauses for the employer) Employers will more often than not hire what's best for them and their profits/targets and it will almost always be a 'fit & healthy' employee over someone with ongoing heath problems, even if the Qualifications are the same.

Given price rises in all areas of life i.e. rent, groceries, electric,gas, petrol/diesel etc how will we live ?? Already we are seeing people with M.S. having benefits refused or stopped and I'm sure there are many other examples. Some have had them returned after a court challenge, but this is just the begining. How long before they start changing laws etc ?? So if you follow this issue to a possible conclusion how long before the genuinely disabled become nothing but a drain on society and society decides it's not their responsibility ?? And why should the working people have to pay for them ??
We are in a society where paying child care to ALL is more important than helping those not able to fend for themselves ?? Paying benefits for immigrants and the healthy unemployed or temporarily sick is more important because they may get a job and pay tax, to pay for child care to people who don't need the money.

I'm one of those disabled who tried to get a job when jobs were available and I was healthier, with not even a letter of reply let alone an interview, in over 2 YRS of trying. Now I'm deteriorating, can't work long enough or hard enough to be of financial benefit to anyone. So what chance of getting work if the Government  chosen Doctor, with a set of 'general' directives decides I don't meet the criteria set out and have my benefit's withdrawn ?? As I see it my life is worthless to them, so why should I bother being a burden to my wife and family and deprive them of any small pleasures in life because they have to pay for me and something that is is not their or my fault or wish. (I have paid into the system, if for only 25 yrs through work)
Real disability is never asked for, only suffered by those afflicted and their carer's but are we heading towards the ultimate sanction for those with a disability-euthanasia at birth, as considered so despicable by so many when Hitler proposed it not so long ago ??? I don't know BUT don't rule it out. These could be the first steps in making a world without any imperfections where those with the 'power' and money set the rules. If you can't make them money why should they pay for you ?? Sound familiar to anything you've heard about any issue recently ???
I do not wish to offend anyone or seem ungrateful, and this scenario will probably never come to pass, BUT.................................

Make of this what you will but I am genuinely worried about my future and the impact on my wife and family and I'm sure there are many others in a similar position. Please understand, I am genuinely disabled and truely grateful for the  benefits I receive and to the working population who pay the taxes in order for me to receive these payments including my family.

P.S. It cost upwards of £50-60,000 to keep prisoners in this country or £1000 + per WEEK !!!! Many disability benefits are almost half this per Month !!!!!! (although there are exceptions to any averages)